Quality made in Germany

Organic olive oil and hydrolised milk protein are the key ingredients in all our care products. The hydrolised milk protein has a soothing effect and leaves a thin protective layer on sensitive baby skin. In our video we show you which other natural ingredients our sanosan products consist of and what our principle 'less is more' means to us.


All our products are produced under highest standards of diligence, purity, quality and safety in Germany. When it comes to the care of sensitive baby- and children skin, parents can always rely on sanosan. Get an impression of the diligent and continous testing by independent German institutes that all our sansoan products go through.


We guarantee uncompromising quality and the highest level of diligence for all our products.
In the production of our sanosan products, we use state-of-the-art technology and sensitive measuring and control systems that are subjected to the strictest hygiene controls. Furthermore, we have consistently developed the production process based on our many years of experience and monitor them continuously. Of course, the highest quality standards also apply to the raw materials and packaging of our products. And last but not least, our qualified, dedicated employees ensure we meet our high quality standards day after day.


sanosan has a variety of products that are formulated to meet the special skin care needs of babies and toddlers as well as that of pregnant women. Our products are produced and sold in compliance with the highest standards regarding contents, quality, sustainability and social responsibility. All sanosan products are made in Germany.


Many factors have to be considered in the long process from the individual ingredient to the finished product. From the very beginning, everything at sanosan is carefully selected, tested, and tested again to attain the highest possible quality of our proven products. The maximum hygiene and diligence are ensured by production in a closed system. The respective controls are carried out after every single step. And before a sanosan product is delivered, it undergoes a strict final inspection. Only after all tests have been passed do we put our products on the market.
Out of a sense of responsibility to our customers and based on our expertise and strict production standards, we guarantee the highest degree of safety and consistent high quality of our products – so parents can always rely on sanosan.


All sanosan products are safe for mothers and babies when used properly. Before being marketed, all products go through elaborate testing, mainly by external institutions and accredited laboratories such as dermatest. They test skin compatibility, but also product characteristics such as the moisturising effect of our creams. In addition, we highly value treating our environment responsibly.


What is the best way to prevent diaper rash? What relieves irritated skin? And what ingredients make natural, well-tolerated baby care possible?
In our research department at sanosan, dermatologists and scientists work hand in hand to find solutions for these and similar problems. All sanosan products contain only substances that are especially coordinated to the needs of sensitive baby skin, naturally with no dyes. This has been confirmed in clinical and dermatological tests.
All sanosan baby products are centred around the use of two natural active ingredients – organic olive oil and hydrolysed milk protein.

  • These have protective and skin-soothing properties.
  • They create a hydrolipid film for soft, supple skin.
  • The products containing organic olive oil reduce irritations on red and sore skin.
  • The products with milk protein leave an ultra-thin protective film on the skin and prevent it from drying out.
  • The products protect against skin irritations with an increased allergy risk.

For optimal protection and safety from day one, when developing the sanosan pure+sensitive range, all potential irritants as well as ingredients which are suspected to trigger allergies in sensitive baby skin were avoided. An allergy is an exaggerated response by the immune system to certain exogenous substances in the environment. Based on the philosophy of less is more, all the pure+sensitive products are free from colourants and preservatives, parabens, perfumes and paraffin oil.