We will now give you answers and small tips to make your daily routine with your baby even easier.

Your baby's skin is very thin and delicate. Many children also have very dry skin that flakes and itches. In this case, parents should start with a care programme immediately that restores moisture to the skin. For all babies with very dry skin, fatty creams with a low percentage of water are good. They help the skin develop its protective function and keep it from drying out.

Apply a thin layer once a day as needed, this is usually enough. If this is not enough, you can apply cream more often, for example mornings and evenings. After bathing, we recommend applying sanosan skin lotion or pure+sensitive skin cream to protect your baby's skin.

Create a pleasant atmosphere. A warm, quiet place and soothing music make the process easier. If you turn it into a ritual, your baby will look forward to having cream applied.

Both. If only oil is applied to the baby's skin, the urgently needed moisture will be missing. If only moisturising cream is applied, lipids are missing. If the skin looks too dry despite the cream, switch to a cream with more lipids. It is easy to tell what kind of a cream it is from the ingredients of the product. An oil-in-water emulsion consists mainly of water – a water-in-oil mixture contains more oil, i.e. more lipids.

Not necessarily. One product may be suitable for all seasons. But some children need a cream with a higher lipid content in winter. In summer, a sun cream, for example sanosan sun cream, should also be applied to exposed skin. In winter, we recommend using a water-free wind and weather cream for your baby's face and hands.

Yes. If the layer of cream that is applied is too thick, it can close the pores in the skin and lead to inflammation.

Water withdraws moisture from the skin by washing away the protective oily layer. This means that the moisture stored in the skin can evaporate more quickly. Applying sanosan skin cream regularly can improve the moisture level and barrier function of the skin.

Like all cosmetics, sanosan products are not toxic. But children should not play with cosmetics. Please do not allow your child to play (unattended) with cosmetic products and always keep cosmetic products out of the reach of children. A special bitter agent in our sanosan Kids products prevents children from drinking them.

What should be done if anything does happen:

  • Try to calm your child (if necessary) – and keep calm yourself. Your child will sense that you are calm.
  • If a cosmetic product gets in the child's eyes, try to rinse the eyes thoroughly with clear, lukewarm water (e.g. pour it from a pitcher.).
  • If the child has swallowed a cosmetic product, try to rinse out its mouth (oral cavity) with clear water. Give your child a glass of water (non-carbonated). Do not try to induce vomiting and do not give your child milk or salt water to drink.
  • If irritation persists or as a precaution, it is advisable to call the responsible poison information centre or consult a doctor. A list of all poison information centres in German-speaking regions can be found here. Poison information centres are available 24 hours a day.